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Apr 6 2019

J d power auto insurance

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J d power auto insurance, NEF2.COM

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Our true purpose?
Making your life better through insurance.

Our Company

“Family Businesses are the bedrock of America. Protect the business and you will protect the family”

“Your insurance plan should provide opportunity,
not hindrance, to your bottom line”

Have a claim?

Call us. 513-870-2580

This is our job. We’ll take the information, provide the appropriate advice, and contact the insurance company on your behalf. The insurance company will take over from there and settle the claim directly with you.

In the meantime, take the necessary steps to protect your property from further injury. It’s important that you try to keep the loss to a minimum. Take pictures to document the worst of it if you can. Remember, our goal is to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Information helpful for an Auto Accident/Loss:

  • Date and time of accident
  • Location of accident (address or cross street)
  • Description of accident (what happened)
  • Driver involved
  • Vehicle involved (year, make and model of vehicle)
  • Contact information for other involved parties (Name, Phone #, Address)
  • Description of the damage
  • Were there any injuries
  • Which police department responded? Was a citation issued?

Information helpful for a Homeowner s Loss

  • Date of loss
  • Address of incident
  • How did damage occur?
  • Description of damage
  • List of items damaged or stolen
  • Which police department responded (if appropriate)

“Accountability is the natural result of taking pride in your work.
It means working hard and being there for you”

Personal Insurance

Your insurance coverage will provide the funds necessary to replace or protect your assets with as little negative consequences on your lifestyle as realistic. Using a financially sound company with a dignified claims process and adopting life-style practices that minimize your exposures are simple preventative measures that ease the trauma in the event of misfortune.

“A good insurance strategy will minimize risk
so your priorities can take precedence”

You want an insurance strategy that will give your company an advantage.

Commercial Insurance Coverage

“Your best interest is value. Providing that value with comprehensive coverage & easy service at a low price is my number one goal”

Our Life Insurance

Life insurance is an extremely useful tool that has a variety of applications depending on your needs. The life insurance agents from Schiff Insurance are your trusted resource for developing a program to suit your specific needs. Life changes and business adapt, consider your life insurance agent as a partner to keep your financial protection in step with your growing business and lifestyle.

Most commonly, families rely on life insurance to protect their finances in the event of a wageearner’s death. This can provide protection for your mortgage, childcare costs, estate or even to fund a retirement.

The business applications of life insurance are equally valuable. Insuring your ability to keep your business intact in the event of a partner’s death or incapacitation is vitally important. Key Person coverage and/or a Life Policy in conjunction with a Buy/Sell agreement are an essential component of any business’s protection strategy.

Financial Security Program

Life Insurance
Guaranteed Whole Life
Universal Whole Life
Term Life
Term with Return of Premium
Industry Long-Term Disability Insurance
Long-Term Care Insurance
Fixed Annuities
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